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Mask for Mask

New Rivers Press
New Rivers Press

“JD Scott’s queer-divine poems are both exorbitant and restrained, a decoction of 19th century urges regaled in the ‘lace and stain’ of diction, harnessed in stanzas, belted into the Escalade of lyric and driven through a 21st century synthscape of emporia and empyreans. The result is an ensorcelling surface riven with a deeper moire, to wit: what is the ‘cytoplasm that keeps this car crash together’? Could it be youth, desire, or something altogether rarer, like tenderness, or care.”
—Joyelle McSweeney, author of Toxicon and Arachne

“Melding the profane with the sacred, the mundane with the mythic, JD Scott’s work shines poetry’s searchlight into the nightclub toilets of youthful debauchery to reveal transcendent cathedrals of timeless yearning. Tender as it is bold, spiritual, and erotic, this collection was ‘sucked into my lungs [so] that every exhale after will be called offering.’”
—Heidi Lynn Staples, author of A**A*A*A

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